Global brand ambassador|Motivational speaker|Author| Actor

Mo Stegall is the author of two bestsellers "Against All Odds I Can Be: 10 Steps to Revolutionize Your Destiny" a riveting empowerment guide helping its readers discover their unique voice, maneuver through adversity and teaches them how to achieve personal and professional goals and "From The Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson" a phenomenal road-map that assist men and women find the treasures in courting, dating and marriage.

He also penned a powerful collection of poems empowering men and women to explore their inner beauty. Poetic Language: When The Heart Speaks, is the book that empowers the heart while loving the soul, educates the mind while encouraging the spirit. He wrote an enchanting and romantically filled book entitled, Victoria's Secrets:100 Ways That Say I Love You, a captivating book with powerful and empowering quotes for relationships. His upcoming book Treasure Hunting: How To Find The Treasures of Life, Love, Business & Everything in Between will challenge readers to find their lost valuables.


“Against All Odds: I Can Be is essential to anyone that has a quest for success. In this book you have the blueprint it could be considered a motivational bible of sort.” -Dennis White, Actor/Acting Coach/Producer The Closer/Notorious/The Brave One

“When Mo Stegall speaks...The Wise Listen. This book is stunningly powerful. It is an honor to commend this book to every person who longs for The Uncommon Life. After reading it You Will Never Be The Same.” -Dr. Mike Murdock Author, Senior Pastor, The Wisdom Center