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Mo Stegall is the author of two bestsellers "Against All Odds I Can Be: 10 Steps to Revolutionize Your Destiny" a riveting empowerment guide helping its readers discover their unique voice, maneuver through adversity and teaches them how to achieve personal and professional goals and "From The Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson" a phenomenal road-map that assist men and women find the treasures in courting, dating and marriage.  Read More...

The Treasure Hunter


Mo Stegall is an award winning speaker and thought leader who educates, encourages and empowers companies and individuals to WIN AGAINST ALL ODDS.

His topics range from Team Building, Leadership, and Workplace Development to Overcoming Adversity, Developing Healthy Winning Relationships and Entrepreneurship. Read More...

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Brand Campaigns, Empowerment, Youth & Young Adults, Event Host, Tips & Advice
Overcoming Obstacles, Treasure Hunting, Relationship Advisor, Healthy Families, Achieving Goals, Succeed at School and Navigating through Change




Mo’s ability to create brand awareness and positive impressions and his unique interaction with consumers by engaging consumers through sampling/distributing product and demonstrating product features of   products, services and campaigns has garnered him opportunities to represent companies such as Microsoft, FedEx, Ford, UNCF, Wachovia Foundation, Wells Fargo, The National Urban League, American Airlines, Amtrak, and many others as Brand Ambassador.

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