“I’ve worked with speakers before and always felt almost satisfied. With Mo Stegall, I was thrilled – He wowed our crowd!”

Johnny Smithwick,
Event Planner | JSA

From school age kids to workplace men and women, Mo has educated, encouraged, emphatically empowered and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands across the globe.  

what clients are saying about mo...

“Mo delivered a phenomenal presentation at the NBMBA Conference for our Banking on Our Future attendees. He electrified the crow with his Treasure Tips.

Tara Dennis
Program Director Operation Hope ​

“Mr. Treasure Hunter invoked each person to examine their own life story and identify the treasures they already possessed to create GEMS...He may never know the impact he had on those young lives.”

Loretta Greene Warren
Founder of Inspirations of Charleston

“Mo took an auditorium of over 600 students, instantly engaged them, got them involved with his presentation on stage and enthralled them with a one of a kind presentation. He was electrifying and created an atmosphere that was exhilarating!”

Anne Goudie
APE Director Lansing School District

Mr. Stegall ignited our crowd of over 900 nutrition workers with his dynamic “Designed to Win” presentation. He kept the audience mostly comprised of women engaged the entire time.

Chaun Vaughn
Coordinator Aldine School District​

“Exceptional job empowering the business community at our annual ISES-GT meeting. Mo provided great information with humor and excitement. Job Well Done!!”

Makia Wall
Event Coordinator | AOL Events

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